Online Inventory Management System

Displayco's all-in-one, real-time inventory and event management software.

Our online inventory management system (O.I.M.S.) allows you and your team to manage your exhibit inventory, stored in one of Displayco’s warehouses, online via a web-based program, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With three North American facilities - Calgary, Edmonton & Houston - your inventory can be stored at the location nearest you (and your events). O.I.M.S. will keep track of all your events and maintain your inventory, keeping you in tune with the status of all your exhibit properties and up-to-date on all your event activity, at all times!

The O.I.M.S. site features a full event calendar, date-organized inventory lists, product catalog, events list and more; all customizable to fit the needs of you and your company. As you enter new events, you are able to log all your event information (from location, required drop off and pick up times, booth numbers and more), utilize a shopping cart ordering system to easily add the event assets required, and receive live status updates every step of the way. The product catalog section of O.I.M.S. features your company’s entire display and asset inventory, organized into custom categories and sub-categories for easy navigation for your whole team.